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Medical Facility

About Medicare Facility Pvt.Ltd.

MEDICARE FACILITY PVT.LTD. is a leading medical tourism facilitator offering end-to-end solutions to patients who want to travel for medical care and treatment.

Our team is constituted of experts, with every member keen to provide each and every patient with the most effective world class treatments and other options in a thoroughly professional manner. With a highly competent and experienced medical panel, extensive alliances with world class hospitals, elaborate network of logistics and dedicated personnel to fulfill patient's various needs, we endeavor to make you feel at home when you are away from your home.

Medical Tourism

About Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is defined as the concept of traveling to a destination away from home for obtaining medical care. Due to various reasons, such as better accessibility, lower cost, reduced wait time, etc., large number of people has started traveling to various places both within country and abroad.Medical tourism is allowing patients to travel, unhesitatingly, to unknown countries for better treatment or quality treatment at lower cost.

The vast implementation of internet & technological advances has significantly contracted the world and brought people closer with only a click away.Over the past few years, the list of diagnosis / procedures is increasing and predominantly these procedures require follow-up care for weeks or involve surgical intervention. Key procedures include dental, cosmetic, orthopaedic, cardiovascular, transplants, ENT, eye care, neuro, urology, gastro, infertility, etc.

Medical tourism is not just about treating patients who travel for medical care. It’s about making the patient feel at home away from home. At MEDICARE FACILITY PVT.LTD., we are a group of professionals devoted to solve your medical problems without forgetting to care for the person behind the ailments. We want to see that you not only recover well from your surgery, but also feeling emotionally well throughout the entire process.