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MEDICARE FACILITY PVT.LTD. possesses a qualified portfolio of physicians and consultants, who are well-appointed to understand the patient’s medical situation and prescribe the appropriate medical treatment. With a vast network of world-class medical facilities, MEDICARE FACILITY PVT LTD assists its patients across a wide range of medical areas, which include cosmetic surgery, cardio-vascular surgeries, dermatology treatment, dental care & eye care to name a few.

MEDICARE FACILITY PVT.LTD. specializes in providing complete medical solutions across the following medical specialties:

For more details kindly click on the individual procedures. In addition, MEDICARE FACILITY PVT.LTD. MediTour offers treatments across other areas, including Addiction Treatment, Ayurveda, Dermatology, Endovascular Surgery, Genetic Medicine, Homeopathy, Hormonal Problems, Paediatric Surgery, Psychotherapy, Sleep Disorders, Sports Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Women Health and other non-conventional therapies.